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Youtube vs Radio : laziness is the key

Youtube vs Radio : laziness is the key

Remember the days when you were showing Youtube to your friends for the first time ? Be honest : did you tell them about « the quality of the content » ? Did you convince them to become Youtubers because « it is so targeted to our demo » ? No. You showed Youtube to your friends because… it was FUN!

You showed Youtube to everybody around you – and it now became a reflex to you – because diving through billions of videos is a cool thing to do. Youtube is a toy.

So, of course, content is important. But, as politically incorrect as this may sound, I’m afraid that usability is far more important than content. If not… why did cassette-tapes die ?

What will make Radio successfully keep on (and the main reason why it didn’t die yet) is its usability. And the good news is : we don’t have to work for this, it comes with the toy !

Radio IS a winner because :

1. It’s wireless and works on batteries
2. It’s free
3. I can do ANYTHING ELSE while still using it

There is not one media that can beat this.

The sofa beats the click.

TV is facing almost the same questions : how to react to heavy-downloaders ?
How can TV survive when most people illegally download their favorite TV show, for free ?

Well, it happens that a study published this month by The Nielsen Company and commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing says that 84% of watchers who have Internet-connected TV sets or other devices are still watching a heavy dose of network TV shows the old-fashioned way.

CTAM president and CEO Char Beales stated:

We’ve learned that new technologies are providing additional opportunities for viewers to access TV shows and movies, at their convenience. But it’s supplementing viewing of regularly scheduled TV, not replacing it.

So here we go : after a day of work, when you come back home, nothing can replace the comfort of a few hours lying in your sofa, playing with the remote control of your classic TV.

Radio must bet on laziness.

So, yes, one can play with Youtube. But it’s an ACTION, that requires your attention, your energy, your dedicated time.
Radio -when it’s well made- is providing you the same entertainment, managed by other ones for you.
Radio doesn’t require your attention neither your time. It is just there.

So, yes, its usage mode, its usability, will make radio remain strong.
Because nothing can compete with human laziness.

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